Dogs making pit stops for quick laps of water are making a splash

Our route sure is making a name for itself and has got tongues and tails wagging! The success of this project has made waves, touched many hearts and piqued the interest of people and businesses alike. Social media has certainly picked up on our Pet-Friendly Routes, and we’re lapping up every bit of attention.

Faro Town Hall is proud to take part in the initiative, which acknowledges the role pets play in our lives, as well as their importance to society. Animal welfare is a subject close to Faro Council’s heart, and lots of steps have been taken to help our furry friends out, such as banning spectacles and entertainment that involves caged or cruelty to animals.

We’ve been featured in a range of local and regional magazines and newspapers, including Barlavento, Jornal do Algarve, Algarve Primeiro, Mais Algarve, Sul Informação and Postal do Algarve.

But specialised, animal-related media has also picked up on what we’re doing, both in Portugal and abroad.
DogsPTMagazine, a digital magazine that provides pet-owners with useful information, has put ‘Faro on the map of cities with pet-friendly places’. Veterinária Atual, a specialised vet magazine, reported on our Pet-Friendly Routes and our aim of providing the population of Faro with commercial areas they could walk their pets in safely and comfortably.
Expatica, an online community built for foreign migrants to Portugal, made sure news of what we were doing was also published in English. The Algarve Daily News wasn’t about to miss out either, and even MSN Money gave us a mention.

The project even piqued interest over a digital magazine NiT (New in Town) who published an article about this pet-friendly route that was later adapted for radio and aired on NiTfm. When interviewed by TVI, chef Leonel Pereira said it was a fantastic initiative, while local businessman Miguel Gião praised the water bowl featuring Simão, an entrepreneurial, tour guide beagle.

Ajuda-nos a molhar o focinho!

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