Christmas gifts for your pet

This Christmas, pamper your pet – they’re part of the family too! Christmas is just around the corner, and our four-legged friends are sure to be looking forwards to spotting presents with their names on nestled under the tree. No, they don’t experience time the same way we do, but you can be sure that […]

3 pet-friendly plants for your house

Thinking of bringing a touch of green to your living room, inspired by @atripeirinha on instagram and feeling a tingling need to become a plantmum or dad? If your plant babies are set to share their space with a four-legged pal, safety is the first thing to think about, as soil and leaves are enticing […]

Get your PET on the map!

Now that you’ve seen all the best tips and tricks for photographing your pets, your furry friend may just be ready to get featured on one of our drinking bowls! Show us whether they’re a photogenic diva or clumsy muppet. Here are the rules: Only digital photos accepted; They should be vertical (portrait), not horizontal; […]

Dogs making pit stops for quick laps of water are making a splash

Our route sure is making a name for itself and has got tongues and tails wagging! The success of this project has made waves, touched many hearts and piqued the interest of people and businesses alike. Social media has certainly picked up on our Pet-Friendly Routes, and we’re lapping up every bit of attention. Faro […]

3 magic steps to photograph your pets

Can your furry friend always be found in the strangest positions, or making the cutest faces? We want to see you do your best impression of the pup-arazzi, making sure you snap them when they’re at their very best. Taking photos of pets is a challenge, sure, but one that’s not out of your reach. […]

Pets and holidays

Summer has finally come around, bringing with it plans for holidays and getaways with family and friends. For pet owners, it means upheavals and changing routines. Our furry friends are used to having us around and to our daily grind, so they’re very sensitive to the slightest change. That means there’s no way we can […]

7 Tips for PAWSOME walkies

Now that the days are getting warmer and longer, we find ourselves itching to get out and about on walks, for picnics and meals in outdoor seating areas. We may be tempted to take our four-legged friends along with us, but how can we make sure we’re headed out on an incident-free outing? Canine behaviour […]