3 pet-friendly plants for your house

Thinking of bringing a touch of green to your living room, inspired by @atripeirinha on instagram and feeling a tingling need to become a plantmum or dad?

If your plant babies are set to share their space with a four-legged pal, safety is the first thing to think about, as soil and leaves are enticing to animals and sure to catch your furry friend’s attention, especially in those first few days. Get ready to tackle their temptations to bite and scratch your new plant! But then there’s the need to protect your pet from the plant too, because some plants are toxic to both humans and animals. However, nonetheless, notwithstanding (to quote @bumbanafofinha), of course there are pet-friendly plants too! And they’re exactly what we’re getting into here.

  1. Ferns

Plants that don’t need much work and easily adapt to darker locations, ferns like humid environments and aren’t huge fans of the cold. A super pet-friendly plant (and sibling, as it goes) ferns will grow with your pet and live for between 5 to 10 years. What’s more, as well as being pet-friendly, ferns also help improve air quality.

ferns pet-friendly
  1. Venus Flytraps

These carnivorous plants are both pet-friendly and easy to care for, not to mention the fun touch they bring to any collection of houseplants. Now, nosier pets are sure to have their interest piqued by this unusual greenery, but there’s no need to worry as the traps on these plants won’t harm them. Venus flytraps only need 2-3 insects a month to stay nourished and are happiest when bathed in four hours of direct sunlight a day. The only thing these plants are a bit fussier about is their water, which should be distilled, and make sure to keep their soil moist.

venus fly-trap pet-friendly
  1. Calatheas

Calathea leaves are distinctive because of their unique pattern, which is precisely the reason why they shouldn’t get too much sun exposure, as their majestic colours tend to fade. Did you know that calatheas also go by zebra or peacock plant? A plant that enjoys some partial shade, calatheas are perfect for a plant stand or shelf in a room with low light. A pet-friendly plant with oodles of personality.

calathea pet-friendly

Some say that cats and dogs eat plants to help them with their digestion. But they also see them as a toy, spending hours of fun chasing the patterns on their undulating leaves. Keeping a houseplant safe from your pet is a full-time job, but at least now you know how to keep your pet safe, by following our best options of pet-friendly plants!

plantas pet-friendly

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