3 magic steps to photograph your pets

Can your furry friend always be found in the strangest positions, or making the cutest faces?

We want to see you do your best impression of the pup-arazzi, making sure you snap them when they’re at their very best.

Taking photos of pets is a challenge, sure, but one that’s not out of your reach. All you need is a good camera, a hand full of treats and a pinch or two of patience.

Follow our top tips to take the best picture of your pal! A picture so amazing it’s worthy of a place on one of Descomunal’s water bowls (if you’re up for sending it in)!

Step 1: Give them a good brush! 

Smooth their luscious locks out with a good, thorough, relaxing brush. Then take them for a walk or have a good play or tug of war for half an hour. You want to tire them out as much as possible so that they can stay focussed and keep still once you get snapping.

Step 2: Set-up! 

Get your backdrop and accessories all set up. From your granddad’s flat cap to your girlfriend’s scarves, you’ll want a variety to choose from to get the perfect look. Now, you’ll want the plainest, most minimalistic backdrop possible. Experiment with different colours and patterns until you get a look that really wows you. Let your creative side out and have a play around!

Step 3: Sit & Click! 

This is where your patience comes into play. If you’ve got your pet trained to follow your every command, you’re all set – just start telling them what to do.

If your furry friend is less obedient and more… playful, this is going to test your patience! Keep trying but make sure you don’t ask too much of your four-legged pal – we bet sitting still isn’t high on their list of favourite things to do! First thing to do? Let them come right up to the camera to give it a good sniff so that they can get used to it being there. When you get to taking photos, you can even crouch or lie down so that you’re on the same level as your pet.

Feeling amped up, confident and all set to get started?

If you wish to see your pet on a pawsome drinking bowl, all you need to know is here!

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